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Learn Spanish, French, Russian, Greece etc. having fun with the Foreign Language Game Collection. Each game supports a step in the learning process of getting familiar with words, consolidating your vocabulary and fast generating of translations. While playing the games adapt to the players knowledge and learning advances. Easy and learned words are discarded automatically, while words not guessed are repeated to increase the learning results. Powered by psychological mnemonics and comfortable features like understanding synonyms and ignoring typing errors, these games are high effective modern learning instruments, which present themselves in an extreme simple, but well designed user interface.

Features: Knowledge Assessment, Adaptivity, Learning Strategies, Multiuser Support, Stages, Autorepeat, Delimiting, Categorizing, Typing Error Tolerance, Morphology, Immediate Synonym Extension, Multilanguage, Fonts, Localisation, Drag & Drop, Lessons a la Carte

Category: education/language, word games
System: MS-Windows
Version: 2.0 (19. April 2004)
Localisations: English, Spanish, French, German ...
Size: 3570 MB
Download Time at 56000 bps: ca. 12 Minuts
PAD: folanga.xml