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vokki bundles an efficient vocabulary trainer and a lesson editor with the word games Quiz, WordTris and Rot-O-Wort. You can play the games alone and with friends, each player can play a different language. The special with vokki is, that it adapts to the knowledge of each player. Easy and learned words are discarded automatically, while words not guessed are repeated to increase the learning results.

Features: Adaptivity, Multiuser Support, Multiuser Game, Autorepeat, Clue Processing, Typing Error Tolerance, Immediate Synonym Extension, Synonym Testing, Multilanguage, Localisation, Mirror, Compacting

Category: edu, education, edugames
System: MS Windows (inclusive 3.x)
Version: 1.31 (25. March 2000)
User Interface: English, German
Size: 1350 KB
Download Time at 28000 bps: ca. 20 Minuts