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Wordshp Screenshot
Wordshop is a lesson editor for a simple creating, editing, combining and converting of lessons, best suited for the vocabulary games Category, Choice, Word Invader, Memory with Words, Puzzle and WordTris. As a special feature Wordshop replaces a language, it makes a lesson english - spanish out of two lessons german - englisch and german - spanish.

Did you create your own lessons? - Use the Lesson Market to exchange lessons with language learning people all over the world!

Features: Synonyms, Multilanguage, Fonts, Localisation, Drag & Drop, Concatenation, Mirror, Compacting, Language Replacement

Category: edu, education, edugames
System: MS-Windows
Version: 2.0 (10. Februrary 2004)
Localisations: English, Spanish, French, German ...
Size: 1717 KB
Download Time at 56000 bps: ca. 5 Minuts
PAD: wordshop.xml